24 October 2012

Howl's Moving Castle (Japanese Animation)

Tags: Animation Miyazaki Walt Disney
Sophie is an 18-year-old girl who toils in a hat shop opened years ago by her late father. Often harassed by local boys, one day Sophie is unexpectedly befriended by Howl, a strange but flamboyant wizard whose large home can travel under its own power.
17 October 2012

Little Manhattan

Tags: Little Manhattan New York movie
Little Manhattan depicts the story of ten-year-old Gabe’s realization that girls can be pretty and nice to be with
11 October 2012

Big City Lights shone at BLAH-BLAH-CLUB

Tags: party New York
Yesterday, 10th October 2012, the English Conversation Club BLAH-BLAH-CLUB hosted a party fully dedicated to New York City.
02 October 2012

Peter Pan

Tags: Peter Pan movie fantasy
Peter Pan is a 2003 fantasy film. The screenplay is based on the classic play and novel by J. M. Barrie.
01 October 2012

The Club sessions for kids

Tags: English for children kids parents
Yesterday, 30th September 2012, for the first time ever some kids gathered at BLAH-BLAH-CLUB to learn English. 
27 September 2012

My Big Fat Greek Wedding

Tags: movie comedy Chicago

It is a 2002 American-Canadian romantic film. Toula Portokalos' family from the suburbs of Chicago promotes exactly three traditional values: “Marry a Greek boy, have Greek babies, and feed everyone.”

25 September 2012

The Murder Mystery Party Game

Tags: party investigation suspect
Yesterday, some fans of whodunits and crime solving gathered together at BLAH-BLAH-CLUB to investigate the mystery murder of the biggest heart-throb in movies Jed Manhattan who was gunned down in his mansion in Beverley Hills
21 September 2012

The Most Beautiful British English Slang Words and Phrases

Tags: slang words phrases

British English is a fountain of beautiful words that are not normally used in America. Some are hilarious, some are rude and some are… interesting.

19 September 2012

The Portrait of Dorian Grey

Tags: Dorian Grey Victorian London Oliver Parker movie
Oscar Wilde’s novel about reckless debauchery cloaked in eternal youth has been adapted into a modern feast for the eyes in Oliver Parker’s movie: Dorian Grey.
12 September 2012

The BLAH-BLAH English Conversation Club is open again!

Tags: club sessions cinema club Murder Mystery
BLAH-BLAH-CLUB resumed its work. A short-term break was due to the summer holidays. For the time being the club sessions will take place at 7 p.m. on Wednesdays and Fridays. Moreover, BLAH-BLAH-CLUB will welcome everybody interested to its cinema club at 2 p.m. every Sunday.
07 September 2012

False friends between Russian and English

Tags: native speaker false friend cognates
The English learner of Russian may be daunted by the new alphabet, but has on their side a lot of similar words that exist in the two languages: телефон means 'telephone'; такси means 'taxi'; сестра means 'sister', and since both Russian and English took a large number of their technical words from Greek, диспессия, география, астрономия all mean exactly what one might expect. But the English learner of Russian and the Russian learner of English must still exercise the same caution as any learner of a foreign language, as dangers may be lurking anywhere. Бог means, not 'bog', but God.
29 August 2012

Sokolniki will become an international and educational epicenter

Tags: USEF ESLF British Council Sokolniki
Sokolniki will be an international education center this autumn.
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