25 September 2012

The Murder Mystery Party Game

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Yesterday, some fans of whodunits and crime solving gathered together at BLAH-BLAH-CLUB to investigate the mystery murder of the biggest heart-throb in movies Jed Manhattan who was gunned down in his mansion in Beverley Hills.

Eleven key suspects with a murderer among them were invited to a murder mystery party to investigate his death.

Every guest got a role: a character with his or her own story closely related to the victim. While investigating the "murder", the participants were exchanging opinions and guesses; they debated and argued accusing each other of trying to figure out who could "murder" the well-known actor. The discussion was very lively: the visitors to the club actively played the parts: a successful film director, a broken-hearted actress, a radio host addicted to alcohol, a magician-medium, and some other colourful characters who could only be met in Hollywood.

After two hours of suspenseful investigation the "murderer" was detected. Like in the best detective stories, the pay-off truly surprised everyone.

According to the guests, the murder mystery game turned to be so fascinating that they could keep investigating the "murder" till the morning. Furthermore, for the two hours everybody got used to speaking English, so that when the party was over, the guests continued communicating in English. The desired effect was achieved!

The next party takes place in late October. In the meantime, you are welcome to visit other club sessions which are held several times a week. Look for the BLAH-Schedule here.

Charismatic party host ― Harvard graduate Alec Lindsey



Too bad I couldn't come! From the pics and the description I can see it was pretty fun, everyone was excited to solve the murder mystery. Next time I'll do my best to come and take part. Keep up the good work!
25 September 05:40

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