17 October 2012

Little Manhattan

Tags: Little Manhattan New York movie

Little Manhattan depicts the story of ten-year-old Gabe’s realization that girls can be pretty and nice to be with.

Falling in love for the first time is supposed to be magical, but for ten-year-old Gabe Burton it’s pure agony. Gabe is just a normal kid growing up in the Big Apple, dodging bullies and playing basketball with his friends — or rather, he was just a normal kid — until Rosemary Telesco walked into his karate class. Tortured by his newfound love, Gabe decides to show Rosemary just how he feels. But before Gabe can successfully navigate the most romantic city in the world, he needs to learn more about life, love, and the most terrifying subject of all — girls.

Director: Mark Levin


  • Josh Hutcherson (Gabriel "Gabe" Burton)
  • Charlie Ray (Rosemary Telesco)


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