19 September 2012

The Portrait of Dorian Grey

Tags: Dorian Grey Victorian London Oliver Parker movie

The young and beautiful Dorian Grey returns to Victorian London after his grandfather dies and is given a special gift ― a beautiful portrait painted by the iconic artist and dear friend Basil Hallward. Upon viewing this painting for the first time Dorian makes a wish to give anything to remain as young and beautiful as he is in this portrait…even his soul.

As he makes his societal debut he is led by the charismatic Lord Henry Wotton who guides him on the path of debauchery. The more cruel and libertine Dorian’s life is led the uglier his portrait becomes yet he remains young and beautiful…

Director: Oliver Parker


  • Ben Barnes (Dorian Grey)
  • Ben Chaplin (Basil Hallward)
  • Douglas Henshall (Alan Campbell)
  • Colin Firth (Lord Henry Wotton)
  • Rebecca Hall (Emily Wotton)
  • Rachel Hurd-Wood (Sybil Vane)


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